Easy Extranet with WFFM & EXM


With this series of posts, I am going to show off some common functionality that can be implemented without a developer. Specifically, I will show how you can combine the Web Forms for Marketers and Email Experience Manager modules, to get an extranet up and running before you finish your morning coffee.

Note:  This walk through is written for Sitecore 8.1 update 3, Web Forms for Marketers 8.1 update 3 and Email Experience Manager 3.3

Create a Restricted Page

In order to test that our extranet is working properly, we first need a page to test it with.  Under the Home item, insert a page named “Restricted”.  Enter some content, save the item and then click the Assign button in the Security chunk on the Security strip of the toolbar ribbon.  Add the default\Anonymous and extranet\Anonymous users and deny inheritance for both users.


Push the item through workflow to publish it.  In another browser navigate to the Restricted page and confirm that you get the access denied message.