Taking WordPress Offline


I spent a good portion of last weekend moving my blog. My hosting plan was up for renewal and, with my plans to rebuild it, I didn’t really want to pay what they were asking for another year. I decided to move my WordPress blog into a local docker container and then use a Static Site Generator plugin and deploy to a free Netlify account while I work on building a replacement with Sitecore. Continue reading

Still Getting Started?


So I got Sitecore running in containers a couple of times now, while following slightly different instructions for the 10.0 and the 10.2 version of the docs. But, contrary to the name of one of the documents I followed, it didn’t really get a development environment set up. Now, I’m looking into what it takes to get set up for actual development. Continue reading

Finding the Right Context


It is a fairly well-known best practice to create your own custom search indexes rather than using and polluting the ones that Sitecore provides out-of-the-box. If you follow this practice in a large solution, you may end up with many small indexes. A question may arise: “how do I get the correct search context (index) for a given feature?” Continue reading