SIFLess Uninstall with Sitecore Experience Commerce 9


This post will show how to extend the SIFLess uninstall scripts for an instance that includes Sitecore Experience Commerce 9.

I have been playing around with Sitecore Experience Commerce 9 quite a bit lately. I was able to take part in the early access program and now with the general release I’ve installed and uninstalled it quite a few times. I have also been using SIFLess to install and uninstall Sitecore 9 base instances. Naturally, I felt the need to extend the uninstall scripts to include bits of Commerce that would otherwise be left over.

First, we need to create a new SIF (un)install JSON config file:

This script defines tasks to do the following:

  • Remove Solr cores
  • Remove Solr core files
  • Remove websites
  • Remove app pools
  • Remove website files
  • Remove databases

Next, we need to add a bit to our SIFLess-EZUnistall script to run our new config file through SIF.

I added this as the first uninstall step right after the variable declarations, but the order isn’t really that critical.

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